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For a number of years D3hree have been heavily involved with Formula 1 teams. We have produced various illustrations, animations, interactive media and virtual reality presentations ranging from limited edition calendars to oil simulations. Our skills in technical illustration give us the ability to accurately re-produce the Formula 1 cars and ‘position’ them on the track or in a studio to create images from locations that would be inaccessible to any photographer, giving sponsors the opportunity to highlight their brand on the car.

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Need We Say More?

Our Formula 1 clients are testament to both our skills as illustrators and our ability to deliver time and time again. There are many, many, arenas to work within illustration but none are as high pressured as Formula 1. Our clients are some of the largest companies in the World and have extremely high standards. The work needs to be delivered on time within tight deadlines but must also be of the highest possible quality. The fact that for the past 15 years we have worked repeatedly for numerous Formula 1 Teams is something we can only be proud of and shows not only our quality but also our ability to execute within a high pressured environment.


The Process

Having spent numerous years within the Formula 1 industry we have built a reputation that is second to none. We are allowed early access to the cars, before the press launches. We spend time taking numerous photographs and measurements and use our firm foundation in technical illustration to translate the photos into a full blown highly detailed 3d model. Once the model has been created we create materials and decals for the sponsors. What we are left with is an extremely accurate 3d representation of the Formula 1 car that can be viewed from any angle within any environment.

The core need for our illustration skills comes from the sponsors of the teams. Photography is great but has its limitations especially with photographing a car traveling at 200mph. Photography within Formula 1 is usually done via huge telephoto lenses which alter the perspective and the photographer is always some distance away. Imagine your company has paid for sponsorship on the car but your logo is small and or maybe tucked away behind an aerodynamic feature that hides it from the standard “on track” photographs. This is where we come in. We create photo-real illustrations that would show your logo in all it’s glory from any angle you wish. After all we don’t have to concern ourselves with being run over!

Our Success

Our success has brought attention. Creating high quality imagery within tight deadlines for demanding clients doesn’t go un-noticed. What started out as a single illustration for Toyota Formula 1 racing team has evolved into us working for several other teams and has also lead to us creating illustrations annually for Nascar, Porsche, Corvette and other motorsport racing categories.

It doesn’t matter what you need illustrating, we deliver and we deliver well.

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We have a client list of large multi national companies. Demanding clients who choose us time and time again because of our quality and service.

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