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Technical Illustration is where it all began for us. It is the foundation of everything we do. The skills formed and honed during the technical illustration background that we have are utilised in everything we do, every day. Our love of accuracy and an eye for detail is unsurpassed.


Every illustrator at D3hree has extensive training and experience in technical illustration. Our technically accurate illustrations do more than elegantly convey essential, practical information to the viewer, they are also created with sales and marketing in mind. Your illustrations will, therefore, not only explain the subject with absolute clarity, they will possess the “wow” factor that stimulates interest in your target audience.


With over 17 years experience working with some of the biggest names in engineering we have the experience and knowledge to communicate your technical message to your clients. Our 3d technical illustrations are aesthetically pleasing, clear in their communication and often bring added benefits to your processes providing a visual analysis and consolidation of many factors to one 3d illustration. Excellent for communications and your design process.


Cutaway and ghosted view 3d technical illustrations can show the internal workings of your product or vehicle. Exploded diagrams can visualise the assembly of a product making parts diagrams and instruction manuals more visually aesthetic than previously acheivable.


If you have a project that requires detail, if you have a project that requires technical accuracy. If you want to convey a precise message and you want that message to have a sales orientated edge wrapped up in a visually pleasing 3d illustration. Rest assured, you wont get a better end result nor service than if you use D3hree. If you want clarity, give us a call.


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3d Technical Illustration
ABOVE: A typical example of a ghosted technical illustration. show your product with absolute clarity with added detail of internal components.
LEFT: Give your 3d illustrations a technical edge. We originally developed this style of showing the technical lines over the 3d illustration for Toyota F1 team. It has since been adopted by a number of clients including Jaguar Cars and Dayco.