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Product Illustrations at D3hree clearly convey complex information within a realistic and sales orientated image. Our expertise in 3d illustration coupled with our technical background come together to produce realistic and accurate results.


When marketing imagery requires a realistic, photographic feel. When a product has not yet been released and needs to be advertised or marketed in a way that requires product photography, our 3d illustration can really help. 3D product illustration is a versatile tool in the production of modern advertising content. We produce digital artwork,  therefore it can easily and quickly be used for websites, or sent straight to print. We can also animate your product to highlight it's key features and selling points. Using us to illustrate your product will mean it is shown in its best light.


From an oil tanker to a bunch of grapes, D3hree’s product illustrations are indistinguishable from the real thing. Using your preliminary sketches as our starting point, we will create accurate, lifelike 3D representations of your products. These virtual products could be used to attract funding for further development or simply as part of the sales package, before the actual product has even been created.


Allow your customers to interact with your product, virtually reach out and touch it, play with it and understand it. Recieve funding before you've even made the product or generate interest and pre-sales using our highly detailed, realistic 3d illustrations.


So you've got an idea for a new product? you've got some sketches...or maybe you've had the product designed and have a CAD model. Whats next? Simple....


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3d product illustration
ABOVE: Technically accurate 3d models are combined with artistic flair and extensive experience to create super realistic product ilustrations. Use our skills to enhance your product imagery.
LEFT: The devil is in the details. Our 3d models are accurate and detailed allowing our 3d product illustrations to be super realistic. What does this mean for you?..imagine generating interest and pre-sales/orders for a product that you haven't even made yet.