Character IllustrationCharacter Illustration
3d character Illustration

Character Illustration and design is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any 3d illustration studios workload


A carefully crafted character can embody your brand, humanise a product and generate interest in what you have to say. Here at D3hree we have illustrated characters for advertising media, editorial story-telling, educational websites, military simulations… all sorts of situations where plain words would appear lifeless.


From early concept sketches to full 3d illustrations of characters we are truly capable of helping you tell your story and convey your message.


3d illustration or 3d animation? A character lends itself to 3d animation extremely well. Whether the 3d animation is used for broadcast television or just a simple web banner we can bring your characters to life and allow you to leverage the 3d asset to its full potential


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3d character illustration
3d character illustration
ABOVE: Commission D3hree to add realism and bring life to your characters.
LEFT: A unique character design for a corporate identity. This 3d illustration is one in a series created for an audio company