Motorsport Illustration

Motorsport Illustration while not a conventional category for a 3d illustration studio does give us a platform to show off our unrivaled skills when it comes to 3d illustration.


We are entering into our 9th year of working heavily within the formula 1 arena, specifically with the McLaren Formula 1 car. Working within such a demanding field and for extremely meticulous & demanding clients is a fact that makes us extremely proud. It is testament to our abilities that such clients return time and time again and are very happy with the 3d illustrations that we create.

We shoot a huge volume of reference photographs on site of the car and use those coupled with a few known measurements to create the 3d model.


The 3d model has to be highly detailed from all angles because we never know whats in store for it throughout the season, previous 3d illustrations have been used for truck liveries, billboard posters, marketing and sales imagery, bespoke calenders, race tickets and magazine covers to name just a few uses not to mention the huge volume of 3d animation that is produced using the 3d model.

motorsport 3d illustration
ABOVE: This 3d illustration was created for a magazine article advertising Exxon Mobil. The article discussed how Exxon Mobil lubricants and greases are used in key areas on the car, specifically the wheel bearing grease. We were able to create this 3d illustration highlighting the huge temperatures that the wheel bearings and their grease endure throughout a Formula 1 race. To create this image using photography would have been extremely difficult and costly.

With tight deadlines and constant updates and changes to keep track of it is by far the most demanding area of 3d illustration to be involved in and we do it daily to an unsurpassed level.


Work begins a 6 weeks before the formula 1 season starts with the creation of the 3d model of the formula 1 car.

Due to the wide variety of uses and requests that come from world wide we have to ensure that the 3d model is capable of being shot from any angle at any resolution at a minutes notice.

motorsport 3d illustration
motorsport 3d illustration
ABOVE: One in a series of 3d illustrations created for the 2014 Formula 1 season. The 3d illustrations are used for a wide variety of marketing communications throughout the season.
LEFT: Created for the 2010 Formula 1 season, this 3d illustration is part of a set of 24 3d illustrations. Sponsors of the Mclaren Formula 1 team leverage their sponsorship using our 3d illustrations. We create "perfect" illustrations with the sponsor logos pin sharp and from views not achievable with conventional media.

Our success within the formula 1 arena has also lead to us creating 3d illustrations for other motorsport categories such as NASCAR and Porsche. These are equally as demanding and our clients are as equally satisfied.


OK, so having read these last couple of paragraphs you can probably ascertain why we wanted to include Motorsport Illustration as a genre of 3d Illustration within our website. It is a vehicle by which we can convey our expertise to you. If we can work for multi-national demanding clients, if we can over satisfy the most meticulous of clients for a sport with ever changing deadlines, rules and updates...imagine what we can do for you.

Let's find out, just give us a call to discuss your project.


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